MonkeyChew Granola Bars made fresh without preservatives,  including 2 gluten free flavors.  Meets Vermont's healthy non GMO standard 

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Gluten Free,  baked with certified gluten free oats and NUTS,  sweetened with fruits including raisins, cranberries, bananas, and DARK CHOCOLATE, honey and a touch of sugar, the Gluten Free MonkeyChew bar satisfies cravings for sustenance, long lasting energy and rich, complex flavor. Confirmed by Bia Diagnostics to contain less than 5ppmgluten (new FDA standard is 20 ppm).  

Yummy for the tender tummy.

Handmade in Vermont.

Contains nuts, wheat, soy.

No transfat.  No salt.  No cholesterol.

No preservatives or chemicals. 

Just whole food.